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WHAT IF your local police, frustrated by laws requiring them to respect the constitutional rights of suspects, maintained a relationship with a secret group of highly trained vigilantes who could be called upon to make problems go away?

AND WHAT if the leaders of such a group amassed such power and ambition that they ultimately became accountable to no one not even their own well-intentioned foot soldiers?

WELCOME to Stranglehold, a new novel by Katherine Jeffries that takes us through the story of Grant Steele, Gemma Pearl and Trent Roth as they confront the moral dilemmas inherent in punishing wrongdoers and putting fear into those who harm others for their own pleasure. With powerful legal, criminal and media organizations colluding to breed more chaos, it is left to this makeshift team to use unconventional and violent means to break down the power structure that protects the elite few who grab more power as discord increases. And that same power structure will do anything to get control of Gemma's unique and terrifying ability.