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Police in Southern California have been frustrated for decades by the knowledge that certain criminals were wreaking havoc on their communities, but because of a legal system increasingly tilted in favor of criminal rights, they were helpless to arrest or prosecute them.

That's where the organization came in. Secret, unofficial and unknown to the public, the organization was free to operate where official law enforcement could not. In this world Grant Steele was a man upon men - feared, respected and recognized as a professional who did not make mistakes. But his weakness proved to be Gemma Pearl - the daughter of the organization's founder, and the witness to its troubling evolution from a true protector of the public's interests into an out-of-control criminal enterprise in its own right.

Along with Grant's trusted associated Trent Roth, the three decide to make a stand against both the criminals on the streets and those dark elements who corrupted the vision of Gemma's father. The result is a bloody and violent journey - one that may not offer any safe haven for those who choose to put real justice ahead of everything - even their own lives.